Textile design

A joy in colour, texture, and a desire to make beautiful products that are fit for purpose lies at the heart of the work of Georgina Wright.

All constructed textile projects are developed from the freedom of handwoven concepts, through production prototypes to the market, resulting in products that are true to the original concept and meet technical requirements.

" Weaving takes us right back to the essentials of life making fabric for clothing and furnishing as Man has done for thousands of years, so to find simplicity is important for me. Each time I make something new in my loom I am reminded of the link to all those people, it gives me a wonderful feeing of continuity. Every time the threads of the loom come together to make fabric it gives me joy and satisfaction ."

Research and development includes:

  • Quality and woven structure design
  • Specifications for manufactured prototypes
  • Colour range development
  • Liaison with manufacturers
  • Market research